What is your Favorite Lifer from this week?

Mine is probably this Cortinarius sanguineaus; just look at these gills! (I’m quite upset that I forgot an SD card and had to rely on phone pictures


But that is a very nice phone picture!


It really is!

I’ve only been using inat for a couple of months now. A couple of days ago I found this one:
It’s Salvia Brachyloba with hypochromia. This Salvia is very rare plant to begin with and then I get the joy of finding a rare mutation. Perhaps I found the only 3 such plants in the world!

This is such an enjoyable hobby. Who can be depressed when surrounded by nature?


Sundew! So cool!


Yikes! That’s gorgeous

Red-bellied snake (southern Ontario)


That could be (and has been) a whole other discussion.

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Townsend’s solitaire! Not rare or particularly uncommon in my area, but I’d never made note of one before, so it was cool to me! I never thought I’d turn into a bird person, but here we are.


I’ve had a busy week this week, so I have not had a lot of time to observe, but I managed to get outside for some casual observing in my yard on Sunday and I spotted my first Grape Leaf Petiole Gall (Neolasioptera vitinea)


I was trying to find Laguna La Yagua so that I could make an observation of some thorny, woody-stemmed mallows I had seen there before. Without my machete, I could not penetrate far enough. But I did get far enough in to see this:

Image description: a vine with a 5-petaled white flower, climbing cattail leaves. The flower is held high against a blue sky. End image description.

At first I thought it was a morning glory. But then when I noticed other flowers on the same vine, it wasn’t.

Image description: closeup of a 5-petaled white flower resembling Mandevilla.

It looked like Mandevilla! And the leaves were opposite and simple with entire margins. That had to be, if not Mandevilla itself, at least a relative. By looking at all Apocynaceae observations in the Dominican Republic, I was able to determine that it is mangrovevine, Rhabdadenia biflora. Mine is only the third DR observation of this species, and it falls almost exactly halfway between the two previous ones:


Just finished the EuroBioBlitz… that was alot of fun! Got some cool lifers aswell. Too many to list, so i’ll just pick the ones that excited me the most in the field.

This Hygrocybe … I just love the colors! Sitting in a soggy swamp. Had to get my socks wet for this one. (Because someone forgot to take proper boots to a swamp…)

This Laetiporus … Just an absolute stunner! And I had been looking for this exact individual for some time now. I was practically shouting when I stumbled upon it haha.

This Nicrophorus … I had never even heard of this genus before… let alone seen one. Just a gorgeous little one. It started pouring out absolute waterfalls after taking some pictures of this guy… so I don’t know if he’s good luck…

Oh have I also mentioned that I LOVE oranges/reds in the wild? NO? I think it’s pretty obvious hh :))
Anyone else with this color obsession?


This emerald pug moth (Pasiphila muscosata) is a lifer and a favourite this week!


I finally found some eastern gamagrass! Unfortunately, it’s tough to find native grasses nowadays.



I saw a common kingfisher for the first time! No meaningful picture since I only have a cellphone and the entire encounter lasted just a few seconds. I was looking at underwater plants at the lake shore when suddenly there was a completely blue bird in front of me, hovering in midair like a humming bird. After a few seconds it flew to a small island and sat down next to a group of lapwings who then chased him away. I waited a full 10 minutes or so for it to return but no luck.


Gemmed Satyr (Cyllopsis gemma) if my ID is correct. Observation here.


Even though they’re apparently quite common, I managed to get a Gadwall today on my college campus!

Someone else had seen it yesterday and posted it. After seeing it, I went out as soon as I could to find 'em! And lo and behold, they were there!

I darn right well almost did a lil’ jig with others around after securing the pic!

I might go back with my camera to get a better, detailed shot…


Visited the University of Central Florida arboretum last weekend

My favorite find was this spider (Micaria?):

But I also loved this Pine Woods Tree Frog:

And a pygmy mole cricket being eaten by an antlion!

Plus a cool flea beetle:


Lots of action for a Canadian October kickoff

Saw a bunch of these Conical Trashline Orbweavers along a trail one morning. So compact!

My first (and Niagara region’s first) Crowned Slug Moth caterpillar. Very interesting.

Always wanted to find one of these Wood Ducks.

For some reason, I have yet to find a Northern Walking Stick, so when I first saw this creature I was quite excited. Except, it’s not a walking stick but instead a Thread Legged Assassin bug. But these are quite rarer, so I was still pretty excited.

Great time to be out on the trails. If you’re in the same zone, I hope you can spend lots of time out there enjoying the beauty of the Fall ‘send-off’.


ahh, my fav bird! Been obsessed with this one since I was…10? It took about 5 years before I saw my first one though… They can be quite tricky. But once you know where to look, you’ll find them to be quite ‘common’. Absolute gorgeous bird!