What to do if I think I know what an ID is but it's not coming up in the search?

I have a golden privet in my observations that I think is this - Ligustrum ‘Golden Privet’ (https://www.thetutuguru.com.au/shop/golden-variegated-privet-6-pot/) but the name won’t come up as I think it’s a horticultural variety. I’m having difficulty applying the name.

According to POWO, iNat’s main plant authority, Ligustrum ovalifolium f. aureum (i.e. Ligustrum ‘Golden Privet’) is a synonym of Ligustrum ovalifolium var. ovalifolium (see https://powo.science.kew.org/results?q=Ligustrum%20ovalifolium%20f.%20aureum)

Ligustrum ovalifolium var. ovalifolium is available on iNat (https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/1410326-Ligustrum-ovalifolium-ovalifolium), so you can ID your observation as that

(and remember to mark the observation as cultivated if it’s a garden plant)


oh ok thanks for that :)
Do I still have to put cultivated if it’s not in someone’s home garden?


If it looks like someone deliberately planted it at some point in time, for whatever reason, then yes.


I added that name (and several others) to the synonymy for var. ovalifolium, so it should now redirect to the correct taxon when someone tries to type it.

What to do if I think I know what an ID is but it’s not coming up in the search?

In answer to your more general question, best thing is to go to the taxon page in iNaturalist for a parent taxon (like Ligusticum), click on the Curation button to the right, select “Flag for Curation,” and describe the problem/need. Curators are here on the Forum too, but this isn’t the recommended place to get their attention.

I’m going to go ahead and close this topic since it seems like the issue has been resolved, but you can still post further responses if needed.