What's the worst pic you uploaded to iNat?

I think that you would have been on an approach that was descending as it came over Albany and Sparta to get down to your apparent camera altitude. Do you remember left or right turns as the pilot lined up with the runway? Mike


Do I remember which way the plane turned in 2016? Not really, but… I do have more pictures! :smile: Here’s images of our approach into Newark with times before (top row) and after (bottom row) the flying geese picture. As I said, I’m not sure if the time stamps are accurate, but they should be spaced out accurately in relation to each other.

(And my apologies to everyone for this little bit of off-topic detour! But maybe someone can recognize landmarks to help narrow that accuracy circle.)


That +4mn photo with its lake/islands outline is key.

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Good Clue! That lake is at: N40°57.306 W74.37.88 M


Just locate the river/coast/lake embayment in photo ‘-11mn’, and you’re almost done. :)
edit: looks like this maybe: 41.952°, -74.232° (Ashokan Reservoir, NY)

edit: And the original bird photo is taken around here (look at the pattern of meadows, hedges and buildings amidst the woods, with the Warwick Center and its white church tower in the top right corner):
41.208°, -74.384° close to the NY/NJ border, NJ side.


Still looking to pin-point that tall roof structure; but gotta go check EF Reservoir for shorebirds. Mike

I saw my very first Hawaiian Short-eared Owl (Pueo) as we were landing in a plane on Maui. It was flying alongside the runway. If I’d had a decent camera/phone in hand at that moment it would’ve been a good record, in terms of accurate location, and a truly terrible photo.

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Thank you two so much! I’ve updated the location on the observation and reduced the accuracy circle.


In person, it was kind of a magical moment. The photo, on the other hand, looks like something out of a conspiracy theory website.


with all due respect… where is the bird? :laughing:

On the big rock in the middle right under the large stick. He’s looking left. White belly, gray back.

ohhh… i see his camouflage is working quite well


I wouldn’t call this the worst photo I’ve ever taken as far as total content, but it’s arguably the worst for unidentifiability of the technical subject of the observation. Because, of course, the observation subject was not at all the subject of the photo.



So technically I have slightly better photos on this observation but this is still uploaded:

Try to guess what this even is


Largemouth bass with just the dorsal fin breaking the surface? I’ve got nothing :)

Some kind of bird… Hooded Merganser?

This is a juvenile alligator in a saltwater canal
Here’s a slightly better image:

It’s from Big Pine Key in south Florida


Goldeneye. You can see the dark body and head, white breast and white spot on the face.

Here’s more bad ones from a more recent car journey. :)

I can only guess these are starlings.


I only noticed the hoverfly after sorting out the pics in the editing phase.


Thank goodness goldfinches are distinct enough!


And a very blurry Pieris butterfly.

Overall my worst enemy is the camera not focusing, but I can forgive it. Try focusing on a small little thing in a half a second!


Ever tried photographing waterbirds out of a moving bus? I have so many gems from that trip:

A cocoi heron/blur on my camera lens

A scrub blackbird that could just as easily be a grackle, a tanager, a warbler, or in fact any bird at all.

A limpkin/juvenile ibis/unusually dark leaf.

A flock of whistling ducks (or something to that effect).

A very blurry savannah (?) hawk.

My first and hopefully worst sighting of a grebe.

And finally… my crowning achievement in bad wildlife photography…
A jacana.