When I join a specific project it automatically adds ALL of my observations, why?

The project is called: What Do Birds Eat? Birds Eating Insects, Spiders, & Other Arthropods

Since joining it automatically added every single one of my observations to the project. Only one of mine is actually relevant.

Is it something I’m doing?


The problem is not with you. It looks like the project was turned into a collection project, but it needs to probably remain a traditional project since not every observation applies and it would be challenging to set the parameters up to work automatically. I’m relatively new here, but I’ve created a few projects so I ran into this problem myself.


Probably the owner saw the suggestion of turning traditional project to collection one and clicked on it, itentionally or not, as I understand it can be turned back if they will write to admins.


Thanks everyone.

I’ll just leave the project then.

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