White-tailed Deer score for bucks?

Hello folks,
I recently been seeing this nice White-tailed Deer buck with a few does. Does anyone know what the score of this buck is? I know for hunting, the bigger the deer, the bigger the score.
Photos attached!

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i don’t know the score, nice cattail marsh though :)


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From what I recall, you lose points for inconsistencies between left and right antlers. So it looks like its left antler has shorter tines than the right, so that would be a point reduction. The best way to confirm a score is in hand, so unless you are able to snag both the sheds at the same time or harvest the deer, it will be hard to say. It is not a bad one though. Probably be better and more consistent next year though.

Formal scoring requires quite a few measurements of beam and tines and you can’t do that from a photo.

I found this scoring calc:

Thank you all! I am going to hunt in the area I saw it, once hunting season starts (which isn’t till Nov). But still thank you!

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