Why are my bats dying?

Hello! I am a bat biologist at the University of Michigan (from Indiana originally!). Do you still have the bats you collected/have you arranged to give them to someone? If not, I would be interested in collecting them from you (here is my work profile with my email listed).

I agree with previous comments here, that it seems related to heat. The photos you posted are of juvenile bats (pups born earlier this summer). The maternity colonies can have a lot of bats gathered together and thus can get very hot. The young bats can be the first victims of heat, unfortunately.


Hi! I have contacted the email addresses @antrozousamelia gave me, and I can certainly reserve at least a few of the bats for you. I’m not at all sure the official IN mammalogists are going to want any, let alone all, of them. Thanks for the offer!


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