Why are observations with neither photos nor sound permitted?


They are permitted, but just don’t attain “Research Grade”. You can pretty much ignore that status, as there are a lot of observations that are “Casual” that science will use, and a lot that are “Research Grade” that would be rejected. All it means is that certain criteria have been met for the observation, so it would serve as a starting point for scientists using the data. They would likely apply different criteria depending on the taxa/area involved and purpose.

All those casual observations of yours?! Gold… keep 'em coming!


Why wouldn’t they be?


Now i understood, they are using the GPS position only of course.


Not everyone uses iNaturalist the same way. Some people like to use iNaturalist to keep track of everything they see, as an electronic lifelist. Circumstances don’t always permit a photo or sound file. As long as the date and location are included, along with an identification, that’s enough for some people’s purposes.


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