Why do New-Caledonia exist as two places?

Hello, Everyone !

Today, I noticed that New-Caledonia appearead as two places, “New Caledonia” and “New Caledonia (with lagoon)”. it seems redundant, as it is basically two names for the same country…
Is there a logic behind this ?

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Hi @val91 and welcome to the Forum!

“New Caledonia” (place_id=7083) seems to be a standard iNat place, set up by iNat staff.

“New Caledonia (with lagoon)” (place_id=176505) was added by @damienbr on September 22, 2021 and seems to cover more of the ocean area surrounding the land. Any iNat user with 50 verifiable observations can create a new place, and people will often do this if they want to set up a project or repeat a search covering a geographic area not well served by existing places.

As Damien’s profile says that he lives in New Caledonia I’d guess that he had a need for a more-expansive version of these boundaries. It looks like his version includes an extra 4,000 or so observations.


Thanks for the answer !

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