WIKI - External code, tools etc for working with iNat

Please add your code, links etc to tools to work with iNat to centralize being able to find them in 1 place.

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Developer Info

iNat developer guide
API Recommended Practices


Sites/Apps Using iNaturalist’s API

  • Owls Near Me - enter your location and see which owls have been seen near you.
  • Taxa Challenge - Test how well you know the plants and animals around you.
  • Rocky Beaches - a tidepooling guide for Pillar Point in California.

This will be WONDERFUL!!! Has this been decided on/set up yet? If yes, is there a link?

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World Tour figures for
the hard/inefficient part is positioning the markers on the map based on where the center of gravity of observations is for an observer. loarie describes generally how he’s doing it here:
(!/Observations/get_observations_observers), then downloading all observations in the area for each top observer, and then probably running it through some algorithm in R to find that center of gravity.

iNat Visualizations Using R

iNaturalist Visualization: Flexdashboard (R markdown)


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@cmcheatle can we include examples that use iNat’s API, eg ?

I dont see any reason why not.