Wikipedia page in other languague has hyperlinks to english version (fixed)


Most important issue is the lack of common names in iNaturalist in the correct language. But when it comes other locales there are many little issues, like Wikipedia.

When you look at the wikipedia information on this page in an other languague then english the hyperlinks in this article refer to the english wikipedia. I should expect it would link to the same wikipedia as the original article.

( If I get a message ‘your topic is similar to’ should I add this topic it to that topic, whichs also has Wikipedia as topic ]?

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Can you post a screengrab of what you mean. There is no on the fly translation of Wikipedia content, so what is displayed there should be what is on the Wikipedia page. But seeing it should verify exactly what you mean.

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Solved now

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This is the original page:

And this what iNaturalist makes of it. Vinkachtigen should refer to but it is changed to

These hyperlinks are not normal hyperlinks but are interpreted by the Wikipedia-viewer. The sourcecode looks like this:

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I would not add it back under an already existing topic, but there do seem to be 2 separate issues / bugs.

Your 1st screenprint (thread item 3 here) is from the observations page, not the taxa page. Your 2nd one is from the taxa page.

Both I guess deal with reading Wikipedia content.

I can confirm it is not specific to anything in the Dutch translation or Dutch wikipedia, I get the same thing running the site in Danish.

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I already tried some other languages, including Danish. This because somewhere Wikipedia started an iNAturalist project which said iNaturalist referred to the English Wikipedia, which is incorrect. It refers to many languagues of Wikipedia. But indeed this issue is not important. Lack of local/common names is a much bigger problem.

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All users can add new common names (they can not edit existing ones, but can add new ones).

Are you finding a particular area or family is missing names (presumably in Dutch ?). A large effort was made last year to get as many Dutch common names onto the site as could be sourced.

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Well, almost all birds of the world have Dutch names now. I have a list with around 60.000 Dutch names but I do not think this list is completely processed. I find many plant names which do not have a dutch name by now.

But if the source code of iNaturalist is public, it should be possible to try to find the bug myself? Did someone tried to do this?

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Yes, the site is 100% open source, if you want to download the source code and try and identify the issue, that is something you can do.

Most efforts to add common languages prioritize adding names to species found in the nation(s) where the language is spoken - ie adding Dutch names to things seen in the Netherlands, not on adding names to every species in the world.

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Added Github issues:



@optilete the issue with English Wikipedia showing up on the observation details page (when you click on the photo in Community ID) should be fixed now.



All problems are fixed now.

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