Wild observation automatically flagged as captive/non-wild

I’m not sure if this is a bug exactly, but it definitely seems to be a new feature not working as intended. There was a Japanese maple sapling growing in an unmaintained wooded area by a walking trail. I thought it was unusual and wondered how it had gotten there, but it was definitely wild and growing amongst other common natives and invasives. I later noticed the observation had been marked casual and initially thought that someone must have mistakenly thought the observation was in a garden or yard, and went to reply to them, but it had been voted non-wild by “iNaturalist.”

Is this a new feature where common ornamental plants are being automatically labelled as non-wild? If so, I think that could be problematic, as we all know that many ornamental plants such as Bradford Pears have a high capacity for becoming invasive. Japanese maples are apparently already considered problematic in the mid-atlantic region, and invasive in at least one national park, so I’m not sure why observations of them would be automatically set to casual.


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this is not a bug

in these cases, just add your own countervote (which I see you’ve already done) and it will return to needs ID


the “fault” is of those users who have overloaded that region with observations of non-wild plants of A. palmatum.
It is a double-edged sword but it is useful.