Willife Trade Observations Strategies to Enhance its Quick Identification and Interinstitutional Communication

Hi everyone! I work for the National Institute for Biodiversity here in Ecuador and we have been thinking of a way to better the communication between the authorities in charge of denouncing them and process these observations. We recon agility to identify these species is key to mantain a proper process since many of these legal denounces don’t proceed due to delays , particularly in identification efficiency and the way Environmental Police and the governmental institutions in charge have a communication between them to proceed with these cases. So we though of iNaturalist to do so, and we’re thinking of ways to better the timing that users see these observations, creating a sort of alert button that pops up inmediately whenever these kinds of observations are being uploaded, so the identifiation is quicker and also the notification to the interested users. Now, you can get iNaturalist notifications on your email, but do you know of any other ways to enhance these notifications or communication between institutions in your country?

I’m open to your kind advices and suggestions.




Buenas tardes, Andrea:

Aquí hay una discusión reciente que toca el mismo tema: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/observations-suggesting-wildlife-trade/37532/6

Que opinas?

Saludos desde Yucatán,

Hola, Andrea, un método sería crear un proyecto tradicional, y animar a los identificadores interesados a suscribirse a él.