You know you're seriously into iNat when

…you don’t mind missing the bus, because it’s an excuse to iNat everything on the walk home


sounds like you need to do some Ethaning. (taking photos from vehicles when not the driver)


When eating at a restaurant, your having a mental debate about whether your wanting to see something to photograph or not.


… your friend notices a spider near you, and you immediately get out your phone camera.

EDIT: It then turns out to be a fairly recently described species of crab spider.


… when you get fired from your job as a biologist because you were photographing too many organisms


Oh, dang… that’s not good. Do get an advocate to help you with that, as “social media addiction” is a new and not very well understood thing. Here in NZ at least, there has to be a fair process that provides reasonable opportunity to change inappropriate behaviours. My choice of words in this advice is likely poor, in that I don’t know the circumstances you are facing!

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Oh, if you’re replying to me, I was just being facetious…


whew! I wonder if it does happen though :worried:

When you work at an eco-lodge and have this conversation during every check-in:

Guests: Umm…are there any…snakes here?

Me: Yea, but they’re pretty shy.

Guests: Oh, good-

Me: You have to be REALLY lucky to see one.

Guest: Uh…

Me: But if you do see any, call me immediately…
Guest: Oh, so you’ll ki-

Me: …because I need to photograph it.

Guests: …

Me: Thanks!

(And then you have to remember to be hospitable and nice when they inevitably do see a snake and don’t tell you until hours later.)


Following that up- when you find a spitting cobra in your toilet and have to beg the maintenance man NOT to remove it because you aren’t done observing it.


When you are preparing to move halfway across the country, ending a major stage of your life, and tying up a huge to-do list before leaving a very demanding job…but your main concern is that you won’t see all your target species before you leave.

And then… when people want to use your phone to take goodbye photos, you tell them they can’t because the memory is already full. You don’t mention it is full of 200 blurry photos of a pseudoscorpion you haven’t had a chance to sort through yet

When you want to cry thinking about all the ecologically-rich and under-observed places you visited before discovering iNat.


That iNat b&b rental would be a goldmine!

One adult, two nights, continental breakfast and extra bathroom snakes.


… when you run out of photo storage on your phone for the third time in one day!

… when you’re on a walk with friends and you see something and say, “I might as well iNat that while I’m here.”

… when you cancel Friday night plans just so you can find a Miller’s Myotis!

… when you ask your friend what bug we should find today.

… when I interrupt a conservation by naming the species and then proceed to document it.


… When you tell people “I just cleared 10,000 observations on iNat”, and people think you must be crazy!


You’re mad at yourself because you cooked the crabs before realizing they had Octolasmis barnacles on their gills that you hadn’t photographed


When your highlight of the year is reaching 1,000 Life List species.


… you’re at a mycological foray and have to continually remind yourself not to look at the ferns — stay focused on the fungi! — because your iNat backlog is too long and there’s limited time in life, but then you give in to the dark side and take photos of the ferns anyway


Seriously! I walk right by birds now looking for bugs!


Me too…I also let galls, “pests” and any weird things thrive at the peril of my garden aesthetic (by other people’s standards perhaps). But now if you asked me what’s new I’d describe myself as someone who’s getting really “into leafmines,” so that’s serious.


I think I have just attained “Proud of my backyard biodiversity” level… far removed from my starting level of “embarrased of the lawn being a week overdue for a mow”.