You know you're seriously into iNat when

You can turn them off in account settings!


You find a location with lifer birds to photograph, and it turns out to be sewage treatment plant holding pools–and you drive in anyway. We had to roll down the windows for 20 seconds at a time to listen for the birds while holding our breath; and then roll up the windows to breathe again. Repeat cycle.


I saw a bunch of gulls circling one of those once and wanted to get closer, but my mom didn’t want to go past the “All visitors must sign in” sign on the gate. I didn’t even mind the stink, but had to get photos from farther away - they were fairly terrible since I was using a camera with only 4x zoom.


They do tend to attract cool gulls. We found shorebirds. We did have to go through a guard’s gate. The guard told us not to exit our vehicle after dusk because of potential for fatal encounters with feral hogs. We stayed in the car.

I did that the other night, except it was like 3 hours after my bedtime.


. . . you come away from a used book store’s closing sale with An Illustrated Guide to Common Weeds of New Zealand, Seashore Life of Australia, and an Identification Guide to the Lemurs of Madagascar, although you live in Oregon, U.S.A., and don’t travel much.


Yes definitely. Once got addicted to INat,u wont stop observing and u will make all the difficult trick to take a pic. (insects especially)

… when u plan a place suitable for u while going on a family outing
… when your friends have no idea where to visit during that time of the day

… when you are waiting for ur turn at the doctor’s clinic and there is a beautiful garden outside. U start INatting until ur name is shouted out

… when you find something that u have never IDed


That too. I’ve done a decent amount of observing but for me it’s identifying that gets most addictive.

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I am jealous of your new books!


You start to take it personally when correcting the same misidentification for what feels like the hundredth time.

You have to restrain yourself from starting a flame war on someone else’s observation.


You are delighted when correcting the same misidentification for what feels like the hundredth time, because you know those make great data points for the ‘similar species’ tab.


… you go and check one of the guides and it says that one of the specie is found near your area and u go searching for it

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One of my bucket list goals is to operate a used bookstore that sells exclusively this kind of literature.


KATYDID YOU GO ON INAT AGAIN (my name’s not katy)

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when you’re playing a video game and happen to turn the camera in a way that lets you see the leaves of a tree you weren’t even paying attention to, and you reconize it as a white oak, and your first thought is, “Oh! I should take a picture!” before remembering you’re playing a video game.


I’ve noticed iNat has some similarities with games like Pokemon Snap.


I always feel like I need to photograph every animal in Breath of the Wild. :grinning:


I think it’s also been brought up in the past that an additional alternate iNat fantasy or scifi world could be created based on an existing video game or movie. Would be interesting.