A simple way to save iNat money? Cropping / Compiling images

I agree about cropping as a courtesy, and also as a convenience on my end as the photo-uploader: For any one organism I might have taken multiple redundant pictures (often a dozen), and I have to pick at most a few of them. So instead of trying to keep track of which photo-numbers I have to select to upload, I crop the first picture I want to keep, then the second if any, etc. (Or rotate, then un-rotate if there are enough relevant details in the periphery to discourage cropping.) Then when I go to select photos to upload, I order the image files by “date modified” so that the ones at the bottom of the list (the recent ones) are the ones I want to use, so I can easily pick them (instead of having to scroll through thousands of files to find them).

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where @tiwane said
it would be fairly low priority as there’s plenty of free software available for basic image editing on computers

Right, I’m just clarifying that if they decide not to move forward with it, the request will be closed. As of yet that decision apparently hasn’t been made.


My only input is that I have used several platforms and finally focuses all my submissions to iNaturalist simply because it is convenient, easy to use, and not overly time consuming. I’ve had approx 6500 observations in 3 years, and it would be less than 1000, or I’d have stopped altogether, if my time on the computer was greater than my time outside.


“Compilation” photos would probably make it more difficult to train and use computer vision, so I’d recommend actually not making those.

Personally I tend to crop my photos as well as I can (while still making them aesthetically pleasing to my eye) then export them from Capture One with the longest edge being 2048 pixels (if the photo is larger than that).


I’m pretty picky with selecting and cropping photos as well. At least, in recent years. My early observations weren’t always cropped, but I also didn’t tend to attach more than 1 photo in those days.

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Needs more thought

I thought I had read that computer vision only used the first photo of an upload. Is this true? If that’s the case, I don’t see a problem as long as its not the main photo.

The order of the photo doesn’t matter - they pick randomly among the photos when they train the model.

When you use computer vision though, it’s only analyzing the first image.


Thanks for the clarification. I will steer away from making compilation shots in the future.
Being able to tag photos as ‘opt out of computer vision’ would fix that.
I had made a feature request for functionality similar to that to deal with uploads with multiple organisms in a pic, or multiple pics of multiple species, but it was denied because I was told they have plans to implement something similar to what I had requested. I can see why you wouldn’t want to let people opt out of training the vision though, but as long as the power wasn’t abused it would be useful.

Welcome to the Forum. I hope you will continue to contribute - lots of interesting topics!

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YES! I’ve learned how much better an image is created when I crop/sharpen images…Also, makes ID easier if folks can SEE the critter/plant/fish, etc.


But there’s a cropping feature in ‘edit’ mode

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on the website? I can’t find it, where on the edit page is it?

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I can confirm it’s on the mobile app - there’s a pencil :pencil2: icon to the left of your observation photo after you enlarge it.
Not explored it on the website yet.

then pointing out that there is a cropping feature on the (web) upload page is …

never mind, I’m just having one of those days…


Pretty sure that cropping photos is not available on the iPhone app, and I cannot see such on the website (which I access using an iPad).

It would actually be quite interesting to see the different features and utilities available in the different versions of iNat (web, android, iPhone, other) displayed as a dot chart.


True, but to get there you have to upload all the images first and then go through them one by one.

I just read your comments on the place taken by the photos and I agree with that!
I am new to this site and I would like to know how we can do to upload two photos on the same subject (when necessary). For a beetle, I did it but it gave me two different subjects.
I inform you that I have very little computer knowledge and that I have to go through Google translation for each exchange … I am French, Parisian moreover.
Thank you for your help,

On the website?
If you have 2 pictures uploaded, then you can click Combine all