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Nature Talk

This category is a catch-all for nature-related topics that aren’t directly related to iNaturalist. It’s not a place to get help with identifying your nature observations (that’s what is for!). Nature Talk is for discussing cool articles, organisms, ecology, community science, stories, taxonomy puns, gear discussion, etc. Basically this is a place for iNat users to discuss their nature-y interests with other folks who are into nature.


This is a place to discuss general iNaturalist-related topics that are not specific Feature Requests or Bug Reports. The iNat Forum is also not a place to seek help with identification or to post unconstructive complaints/grievances.


This category is a place for iNaturalist site curators to discuss general topics related to curation that might not be great fits for the General category.

Bug Reports

Are you experiencing a technical issue with iNaturalist? This category is the place to report it.


Share your iNaturalist knowledge with others here by creating a tutorial.

Feature Requests

Use this category to post new feature requests for iNaturalist, and to vote for existing feature requests.

Forum Feedback

Discussion about the iNaturalist Forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

News and Updates

News and announcements from iNaturalist staff can be found here.