Add a place in i Nat using My Maps

Very recently there was a question on this topic, but I can’t find it now. Can someone help?

Do you mean this:


Thank you, that was it.

I made a map in google my maps. It is outlined by a polygon, contains about 61 acres. It has a place name with a teardrop inside it When I tried to upload it to i-nat, however, a message came back that there there are problems. “No polygon, no coordinates” What did I do wrong? Might I send the map to you for your advice? Many thanks

Good news. I had not understood how to define in the polygon correctly. When that was done, it uploaded.

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So sorry, here I am again. Once i-Nat had defined the place and I limited observations to it (where they had been worldwide before by default), all the past observations disappeared even though 98% of them had photo coordinates inside the designated polygon. Should I, therefore, allow observations worldwide and trust to project members to post only ones that are on the designated place? That would work. Thank you

It can take a few hours for the observations to show in your place. Please check back later and let us know if there’s still a problem.

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Also, it is a fairly small place, and observations need to have their entire accuracy circle inside a place polygon to allow them to count as in it, so this may be an issue even once the observations have had their place status updated.

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Thank you both for the follow-up. I will again limit observations to the place name, not the world and wait a while to see what happens. The accuracy circle issue may be a problem, but if it is I expect I can expand the polygon so that observations made on its margins will still catch.

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