Add interface for searching common names

I would like better search tools for managing common names. I’m thinking of something that might look similar to the flag search and would have the ability to search by:

  • scientific name/taxon id
  • common name
  • created by
  • created on
  • updated by
  • updated on
  • lexicon
  • place
  • has synonyms
  • is accepted
  • external name provider

A search like this would be super helpful in trying to manage common names and lexicons. For example, Ju|'hoan and Juǀ’hoan both currently exist as available lexicons. If we could search for common names in these lexicons, we could consolidate and let staff know to remove the (now empty) duplicate lexicon.

The would also solve the request from

At this moment there is no history stored in iNat of the creater of a common name, is it? At least I cannot find the creater of incorrect common names.


There is a field for the creator, but not every common name has information stored in that field.

Just to be clear, the source is not the same as the creator. It’s similar to a new taxon – e.g. I could be the creator of a taxon, but the source of the taxon is POWO.
There is already a request to make it easier to include sources for common names, you can add to the discussion there. This request is independent of that one.

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Is this field for the creator of the taxon or for the creator of the common name? Yesterday I wanted to know the creator of wrong common names, so I could check all his other ‘‘improvements’’.
TrueBlue writes here exactly what I also am looking for: Does this Feature request include this option?

Issue source common names: