Adopt a project. Dandelions, anyone?

To give myself a break from my own project I searched for “projects of the world” and I found one called Common Dandelion Visitors. I joined but I only found about three of my own observations which fit. Not to worry, I used the filter option and was able to add a variety of critters I remembered observing enjoying dandelions. It was a serendipitous discovery. What projects have you found which “were made for you”?


WeirdWildWonders. Not for my own observations, but for adding weird things or for a nice little puzzle to solve.

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Solving puzzles—sounds good to me!

You should check it out:

Go in, pick something that needs ID and is unknown or a high level taxon, and prepare to spend hours to weeks researching and obsessing over what it might be…and then that sweet, sweet payoff when you figure out what it is and post an ID with supporting comments.


wow looks like a great project! I found someone else’s obs. of some weird segmented sea creature that would have fit right in with that project- but I can’t find the obs any more… too bad. If it pops up on my feed I’ll have to revisit it.

It’s pretty funny that the most frequent species is human though - lots of weird man-made stuff out there.


I’m amazed at the variety of projects out there - I love so many and could easily spend all day on them.
This one is good for the wow factor - although I don’t usually have much to contribute.

But I was surprised also to find that two preserves I go to occasionally have projects. I’m going to have to do searches for more of my local places to see if anyone is keeping track there, too.


You should join WeirdWildWonders, and then you can add things to it (like that segmented observation) to get more eyes on it.

Unless someone doesn’t allow others to add their observations to projects (shameless plug: please upvote my feature request here), but that’s pretty rare, since most people seem to appreciate having more eyes on an observation.

That reminds me: Leaf and Plant Galls is a great project too.

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I just joined the project. I put some other sort of squishy sea thing on there I’ve been wondering about and I saw there was a “Beach finds and washashore” group and put it on there as well. But I still can’t find that segmented thing again. I wish there was a better way to sort my identifications.

I am nowhere near a beach, but I previously joined both Beach Finds and Washashore and Intertidal Zone solely to add others’ “mystery” observations in.

There’s a lot of maritime organisms that aren’t as well known as terrestrial ones, so I think those projects are super useful for helping for getting observations over to their members.

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You could upvote this feature request:


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