Changing default geoprivacy

I understand that and appreciate the effort, I think GBIF could save the exact position but not showing it, as iNat does it. There’re many bad things happening because of auto hidding, e.g. many of my observations from one region are counted for another one, plus not showing in borders of wildlife reserve, some common species as Common Pochard are listed in IUCN even while they’re abundant and common, so it creates some problems, if GBIF could store the atual data, even if hidden from most of users, I would like it much more.

If you’re using “private” would you please, please, please include in the comments what continent the observation is on? And the region? (upper Midwest, pacific northwest of north America, Himalayan mountains, etc.) Location is important for identification! I think using “obscured” is better, but would you please provide a clue?


I almost always use obscured, though it’s not always obscured enough. Sometimes there’s only one patch of suitable habitat within the area so it still gives it away.

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