Collating identification notes using observation fields

I wanted a good way to hold on to species identification notes other users make in comments.

Atm I am haphazardly doing this through favouriting - which is messy and unsearchable by others.
I realised better might be do this with an observation field instead.
So just wondered if there is already one that people use for this?
(If not, any suggestions for good title?)

I know the idea to collate these ID notes is/was on the list of things to implement already.
I also realise I could just add notes to the wikipedia page if there is one.

If you’re referring to other useful links or references that people have pointed out in a comment, please do! (But the comments themselves are not suitable as a source for content on Wikipedia.)

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I guess ideally one would try and find a reference for the comment externally.
Alhough some comments I’ve found are mentioned as being unique observations of the users.

But yes, anyhow, editting the wiki is a time-consuming way just to capture a comment, so not what I’m interested in personally right now. Observation field seems like a decent temporary fix.

Though wasn’t this also on the 2020-2021 list of iNaturalist priorities, to explore the saving of ID comments somehow?


Comments and ID comments, but not sure if observation descriptions were in their plans.


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