Computer Vision should tell us how sure it is of its suggestions

This seems like a great idea, especially some of the color-coding suggested by @sessilefielder. I agree that perhaps a red/green scale wouldn’t be best, but I like the idea a lot. Is something like this still a possibility, or have staff decided they won’t move forward with it? (I suppose since the thread is still open that’s a good sign.)

I use that app on Chrome - with the red green colour scale

Cool! Is there a way to change the display though? It seems to automatically be the left-side bar, but I would prefer it to cover the entire suggestion.

EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. I don’t have much experience with extensions.

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Yes - you can toggle between my preferred sidebar
and your gradient across the screen.
(On the 3rd slide there)

Old wrong ids are not helping that, I see how new observations get new wrong ids (and checking cv, yes, it shows species as seen nearby), when this “nearby” is actually three observations across whole USA, all in different states, none in the state where observation in question is. All are wrong, but seen nearby feature doesn’t help in using one far away obs as a sign of species being presented in an area (it can work that way with endemics too, or sp. found on one coast only).


That ‘Seen Nearby’ needs some quality control.
At least one or two Research Grade community consensus IDs before brightly suggesting ‘this is seen nearby’. Not! Actually.


100% agreement. ID suggestions based on “Seen nearby” should be more critical and require research grade observation or multiple observations with community ID. I think multiple community IDed observations is better because it is often difficult to reach a research grade (this is from my experience with insects, for different groups of organisms this will be likely different).
From my recent experience when I was cleaning some ID mess for insects which live only in northern America but were observed tens of times across the tropics of the world, these IDs were never even community ID - always just a single auto-suggested ID given by the observer. Hence, excluding observations without community IDs from “seen nearby” suggestions could be good enough.
@dianastuder @marina_gorbunova this seems like a relatively easy thing to implement with large effect on the accuracy of IDs - shall we formulate it as a feature request? Or was it already formulated as a feature request?

EDIT: I actually though that “Seen nearby” is a parameter used for ID suggestions which does not seem to be the case. But I still agree it should be more restrictive about what is considered an evidence of nearby presence.

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Yes to a feature request.

When that ‘seen nearby’ rings my alarm bells, I search the distribution map - and try - to clear what I can.

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