Create Forum category for ID requests

No, for the reasons Tony provided at that topic, but if you have a substantially different suggestion for improving IDing (on iNat) I suggest creating a new request.

aphili8 (good name, by the way), your case intrigued me because my experience has been so different, so I actually looked at all the observations of Bentham’s cornel in Pennsylvania to see if I had suggestions, but I didn’t see any comments from you at all. Are you sure your comments are registering? Or perhaps you were using messaging? I would say I get responses on comments more than half the time, and often good ongoing discussions.

This might be worth splitting off as a new topic - Getting (or not) response to comments -? Maybe we can share tips about comments that elicit responses.

For sure, please feel free to spin off related topics. Since the forum won’t be used for ID requests, I’m going to close this one.