Creating iNaturalist places and linking to Wikidata using geojson

do we know any more about the delay of connecting with the WIkipedia article? and how its connected (Wikidata or name string)

People asked the same question on twitter see

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for places:

for taxa, it looks like the link is based on taxon name, which would be the scientific name, not a common name.

the only new thing that i can tell you is that taxa seem to use the same underlying service to connect to Wikipedia as places do. so they seem to be subject to the same kind of caching and delays. i have to caveat this by saying that i’m not a Ruby person. so my reading of the code may be flawed. iNat staff may be able to confirm or deny and also provide more insight into the intent of any such caching / delay (and why it’s such a long delay). maybe if you’re interested in the caching, you can start a separate topic, or maybe a moderator can carve this discussion of the caching into a separate discussion so that it might be treated separately?

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