Dissenting ID Comments Would be Useful

Hi, of course comments are helpful for the learning experience. However, as a IDer I do not always provide them anymore, UNLESS I get asked for it.

It just can take a lot of time to explain everything to users that often do not seem interested in these kinds of comments too much. If I go through a batch where there is the same mistake over an over, I might have a prewritten comment I just copy and paste. But if I just ID randomly anything, I wont start writing a comment to each ID I give… that would cut the amount of IDs I can give in a day much shorter.

However, as state above: I am always happy to give feedback if someone tagges and asks me about it… and as far as my experience goes - most IDers feel the same. In this way I know my feedback is going to be seen by someone interested to learn. So if you are not sure why someone put a disagreeing ID, it most often will work out if you just ask the person.