Do you want to be a forum moderator?

A healthy online community is dependent upon dedicated, strong, and fair-minded volunteer moderators who can make new users feel welcome, keep discussions on topic, and work with other moderators and iNaturalist staff to keep this a safe and constructive place for everyone.

If you think this is something you would like to do, please email with your iNaturalist and iNaturalist forum username (hopefully they’re the same!) and let us know why you are volunteering to be a moderator. We are looking for people who:

  • Are able to dedicate some time throughout the week to perform their moderation duties.

  • Have shown the ability to consistently adhere to Community Guidelines on iNaturalist, our Google Group, or both.

  • Have shown a dedication to the iNaturalist community.

  • Are willing to collaborate with other moderators and with iNaturalist staff to discuss issues that crop up on the forum.

  • Can be trusted to remain objective and not overreach when using their Discourse moderator abilities.

You can also check out Discourse’s moderator guide to get an idea of what moderators do.

Thank you!


I’m definitely up to help, if i’ve got too much of a reputation as a rabble rouser though, i can help in other ways too. :)

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Not sure if I’m an appropriate candidate but I’m driven to be helpful so I sent an email!

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I am not interested in committing to be a moderator – yet – due to my having limited time, but I do (theoretically…) have limited ‘moderator’ abilities as a Regular user.
Are there specific tasks that would be good for me to help with, when I happen to have the time to do them?
I do apologize about the lack of commitment, but I’m in university and school comes first… or it should :sweat: