Does anyone have a Twitch stream (or similar stream) for identifying stuff on iNat?

I wonder if there would be a demand for that kind of content? Maybe it could be an opportunity for folks to share knowledge while identifying?


I have seen identify parties via zoom, either for the unknowns or focusing on flies. But those seem to involve more group identifying where people go through a group at once. I’m not sure if that would be what you are looking for



That might be a good idea for somebody to start having one!


The idea has occurred to me to do this for gall ID but I haven’t followed up on that thought yet.


@fffffffff, @Megachile – i think you guys should start streams. once you have one set up, it should be relatively low effort to maintain, i think. (just start up a stream whenever you’re identifying, and see who stops by.) i would stop by and watch at least once in a while.


For the uninitiated (me), could you explain what a Twitch Stream is?

1 Like It’s a streaming platfrom, mostly gamers, but really almost anything you can stream can be found there.


Twitch is a platform that started as a way share your screen while you were playing computer games, along with a live video of you playing the game (or an avatar). others can watch while you play and comment. it has expanded beyond just gaming though. so now people stream all sorts of different things. here’s an example of a laid back NES Tetris gaming session:

since most identifiers are on a computer anyway, i’m thinking streaming iNat identification sessions would be relatively low-effort. it would just maybe take an extra screen real estate to allow you to monitor the chat activity while you were doing your thing. if i were a more prolific identifier, i might do it myself.


It is only streaming ? The ones i knew disappeared more or less

They are now somwehere heerr
But you have to store them after the event somwehere else ??

Ik now videos about fungi…but even for several Dutch people it is tough.

I never streamed myself, I think they’re automatically saved for some time, but I guess users can decide which to save permanently? YouTube is an option to stream too btw.

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I could, but I think in most cases I move too fast for good “content”.


i think the key is the interactivity. if someone is watching you identify and they pose a question about how you decided the observation was this or that, then you can slow down a while and explain. that’s where some of the possibility for good content lies, i think. otherwise, it would just be a normal identification session for you.

you should!
(do it… do it… do it…)


I mean… maybeeeeeeeee…
But in some cases I’ll be identifying one species for an hour straight. Or two hours. Is that really interesting to anyone at all other than me?
Fwiw the last few days I’ve been eschewing Euphorbia for bumping down high-ranked obs in Animalia, which has slowed me from 5-20 seconds/ob to 1-8 minutes each.

You could, you know, slow down…?



who knows? i don’t think anyone has tried this before.

(do it… do it…)

Explanations slow own you a lot, I tried having husband by my side, he says he doesn’t even see what I’m iding cause it’s too fast, and we need to i fast, so it’d be x20 slower or nobody will learn anything new.


this kind of interaction makes good content, too. for example:


It’s also possible to livestream from a Youtube channel, not sure how complicated that is compared to Twitch.

Like this!
Could imagine it being a good way to share knowledge/learn.

I think I would tune in to see someone else if they were covering a taxon and geography of interest. I guess the presenter would need to comment something on most IDs as they go to keep it meaningful for viewers.

Personally I would be a bit shy to present in person I think in an open public format like the Tetris link. Some Twitch streams just have voiceover though right?

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