"Duress" and "Contest" users

Can someone contact the admin of https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/tugas-zoologi-vertebrata? The students are posting almost exclusively captive animals, and even the wild ones are often missing information to be RG. It seems like maybe no one explained to them how iNat works.

It seems that someone already did. Now there are few obs that are “wild”

Oy… Virtually all of the observations appear to be from a zoo. Was that the intention of the project perhaps? I can’t believe all the participants could get it wrong to that degree.

I wonder if the instructor actually made the assignment dealing with zoo animals and just thought iNaturalist would be a handy platform to record it.

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I started in iNat by “cataloguing” a botanical gardens, essentially a zoo for plants… I am now far more involved with the environment than I was at the start, and I doubt I would have “got here” without that project. In fact, this weekend I am presenting on “bugs” at our National Arboretum for the Botanical Gardens of Australia and New Zealand (BGANZ) openday. These “captive” places are where the majority of people engage with “nature”, and if you are going to cultivate a love and passion for the wild stuff, you need to take the opportunities to reach these people while it presents. These “participants” didn’t necessarily “get it wrong”, so much as they have “made a start”. Reach out and change hearts and minds while the opportunity exists.


I’m not sure if I remember a different dedicated thread for posting issues like these…
A lot of dead insects are being posted recently from Webster, New York state: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?lat=43.2036988296&lng=-77.4694874142&locale=en&order_by=observed_on&place_id=any&preferred_place_id=6883&radius=50&subview=grid&taxon_id=47120
One student said on his or her observation that it’s for an AP Biology project, the location for the observation isn’t quite accurate, and fixing it isn’t a big priority. Based on that I’m guessing the locations aren’t accurate for many of these, and because the observations aren’t being collected in an iNat project I don’t know how to find the account of the person who organized it to contact them.

Probably this one: http://www.websterschools.org/schroeder