Editing incorrect taxonomic ranks

I just did a download of iNat data at a species level only. By chance, four hybrid species slipped into my CSV as, when they were created in iNat, they were given the rank of species instead of hybrid.

I was intending to edit the 4 of them and just change the dropdown to hybrid, which seems simple enough, but for the first one I get this message:

Is this just saying the changes will take a little while to come into effect, or is it also implying that making this change will slow the site down as well? I’d prefer to fix these if I can.

(the other 3 were easy to fix, they don’t have many observations; it’s just one of them)

I have read the discussion about this warning at https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/limiting-and-scheduling-large-taxonomy-ancestry-changes/25486/13, but still wasn’t clear to me whether a small change like this would acually have a disproportionate impact on site performance

Everything that happens on iNat slows the site down to a certain extent. Bringing up taxon maps, marking 200 obs reviewed, creating new places, etc. The question is how much and is it worth it for the benefit? It’s hard to predict exactly how much slowdown to expect from changing the rank of a taxon because load on the site isn’t constant and “more than 1000” isn’t very descriptive. If it’s only a few over 1000 and you do it during Europe/North America night, I wouldn’t worry about it.


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