Finding citations of original species descriptions

For plants, to find out who the author is, I use USDA Plants (if the plant is in U.S. or Canada) or IPNI or Plants of the World On-line (POWO, a.k.a. Kew index) or a regional authority like the Jepson Manual or Oregon Flora Project. These all choose one plant name as correct among the various synonyms. Are they right? Often yes, but sometimes there is legitimate disagreement.

To find the original description, I usually check W3Tropicos, which always cites the description and often links to it. Tropicos makes it clear which names are invalid and which of a set of names based on the same description (& type specimen) is best (by their standards), but it does not choose among names based on different descriptions / type specimens. IPNI and POWO do.

USDA Plants –
Jepson Interchange –
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