Guerrilla Gardening

Is anything ever clear and unequivocal? It is all too easy to be frozen into inactivity by fear and uncertainty.


It’s also easy to be ignorant, mistaken, wildly overconfident & misplaced in one’s assumption that some good is being done by one’s actions. See Dunning-Kruger.


I think you just described my preferred approach when IDing others’ observations.

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OK then. This conversation is over.

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I can’t comrpehend the concept of guerrilla gardening.
So I looked at your profile and read Eat Your Lawn thoughts. Maybe that’s what guerrilla gardening is.
But some years ago, I have tasted lamb’s quarters, palmer’s amaranth, deterrent mallows, fescue grass, and permanently lost any respect for lettuce. I would never spend another dollar on this wacky veggie just to fluff up a salad volume.
DIFFERENT SUBJECT: I like to survey flora of arid canyons, and Fresno Canyon among other California ones is mysterious. Maybe because I can’t figure out how to search within it through iNat Explore. It never offers “Fresno Canyon,” only Fresno the city. Could you can define a map search and send me a link for the result? Thanks.

Not sure if Fresno Canyon is as popular as Main Street as a name for almost everything in the US, but there is a Fresno Canyon Trail that’s part of Cleveland National Forest, observations made there end up in this project, which you may find useful?

Wild salad greens, have changed my expectations. They’re a bit more bitter (Lactuca), slimy (Portulaca) or hairy (Malva) than cultivated greens, but that’s okay, enough oil and vinegar makes everything taste the same!

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I couldn’t find any observation for the area I deduced to be the canyon.
Can I assume it is bounded by highways 142, 71, 91 and 90?

Stalks of Alcea setosa and rosea and mallows thicken up soups just like ochra, of course. And they are the same chewy and fibery like ochra.

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