Guiding new users without scaring them off

I’ve been trying to pitch in to help with welcoming new users and making good use of the Frequently Used Responses page as well. I haven’t had much feedback either way yet, but part of the reason is I am probably not speaking some of the new user’s native languages.

Are there any alternate versions of the Frequently Used Responses in other languages? Apologies if I missed a reference to them somewhere. If they don’t already exist - that would be an awesome way some of our multi-lingual users might contribute the project as well!

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you might also not be seeing replies yet because the alerts for them are delayed. Both ways, your initial comment would have a delayed alert, and then their response would also. Plus, they might not be aware of alerts yet, or just be too busy making observations to worry about alerts just now! If I was in Christchurch, I would be flat out on the camera and putting up obs, and would leave all the “paperwork” until after…

Especially with the system somewhat slow given the volume of activity. but Kudos to the staff - it hasn’t crashed or become unusable, at least when I’ve been on, and the volume has been significant!


Indeed, I am very impressed with how hardware, software and staffware have coped!


I have had not so much feedback despite addressing, as gently as possible, to them in their own language…
In my opinion one of the problems could be the way many new users decide to register to iNat. In this light I wonder how people become aware of iNat and then decide to register to do something on the site. Do they know that there are rules to be respected before registering? Do they read (and understand) the “getting started guide” aftre having registered?
For example, one of the Italian initiatives linked to the recent city nature challenges has been promoted on an institution website and on facebook without explaining that iNat is mainly devoted to wild species while encouraging participants to photographs as many organisms as possible to win. The result has been a certain (not too many to be managed) number of newbie all photographing and posting the same plants cultivated in a sort of botanical garden, of course without flagging the observations as cultivated. More or less no one reacted to the invitations to flag that kind of observations. I do not think this is because they were unpolite but just because they were unaware.

In the end, I think that we should apply a way to inform the new users on how to behave and to use properly the site but, at the same time, a certain work should be made in order to make the potential new users already aware of what iNat really is for.

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Thanks interesting to know that you are not getting responses in native languages either.

I’ve also run into the problem of a flood of cultivated species not marked as such, and noted it does seem worse in some places. For instance I’ve seen a lot coming out of Malaysia and it makes me wonder if something similar is happening with high promotion of the event but lack of onboarding/awareness on how iNat is used. I’ve seen some people racking up hundreds of observations rapidly, and the subjects being fruit in grocery stalls or individual plants in a huge veggie garden.