How do you add a photo to a comment?

So let’s say I’m commenting on a flag on iNat. Can I add a photo? I’ve seen some people do it but I’m not sure how they do.

You have to use HTML. For example, if the photo is located at, the code would be

<img src="">

There have been requests to make formatting comments and journal posts more user friendly.


BTW you can also use bouteloua’s method to insert images from other sites, not just iNat images.

To get the URL that bouteloua linked (the http://static…etc) go to an obs with the photo you want to link, right click on the image and click ‘copy image address’ that will give you that static link.

I try to make a habit of adding the photo’s url underneath it so that ppl can find the observation quickly. As I’ve done here:

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See also the discussion at:
Where there isn’t an existing link to an image, post a dummy observation with that image and link to that. Not pretty, but it works. I’m keeping one dummy observation alive and will add to it as needed.

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Another way to do this is to turn the image itself into a clickable link. This can be done by putting the <img> tag inside an <a> tag, like this:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>


that’s very useful, tks.

Started a wiki tutorial here to address this and similar questions.

cool, I tested that out here:

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