How to search for (or see a list of) comments I've made on other people's observations?

I just made a comment on an Observation, and then a few minutes later found another Observation that has been IDed in a helpful way where I might be able to hazard a guess about the first. But I can’t find the first Observation again! I didn’t ID it or favourite it, so the only thing I have to go on is I recently marked it as reviewed, and left a comment.

Is there a way to find it again?

In the identify modal, you can click on the “reviewed” checkbox at the top, and it will show you the latest reviewed observations… just work back through those until you recognise it?


If you made a comment, then should show you all of the observations on which you have a made a comment. Note that the text included with an identification is not picked up as a comment. There is a lot of solid information in the topic at:


Ahhh this is exactly what I need! Thank you. :D

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If you are looking for a particular comment you made and can remember a phrase you used, then you can narrow down the search with that phrase like so:

(%20 = a space)


how do i get to this on iNaturalist? (the page of comments)

It’s not linked to anywhere, you have to type it into the URL bar.

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