I'm being automatically logged out of iNaturalist

This is happening to me every day as well. The ‘Remember me’ check box makes no difference. I have to sign in every time.

I just found myself logged out for the first time in a few weeks.

@agoranomos Sean, what do you mean by “hitting some endpoints from the website incorrectly…”?
Related question: Typically, for any website which requires logging in, if I close my browser without having officially signed out, would that be considered an “incorrect endpoint”?

Sorry, that was poorly phrased, and bit too tech jargon heavy. Let me try again:
Some actions performed in the browser by users will, when processed by the web server, trigger a security protection when it shouldn’t, resulting in the remember_me setting for the user getting wiped on the web server.
So there are no “incorrect endpoints”, just incorrect positioning of words together in my previous post.


This explanation explains why I just got logged out. I logged in, checked my homepage, checked the two notifications I had, loading their observation pages in separate tabs, and commented on one (in response to another user’s ID with comment) and withdrew my ID for it. I closed the browser. Less than an hour later I returned to iNat and I was logged out.

This has been true for me throughout, though usually whatever page was open qhickly changes to the Log In page, with my username, ready to be logged in once again.

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