Invasive species appearing out of nowhere. What should I do?

Haha it does indeed seem like a lot of information for me to take on. I think for now I’ll work to preserve the pond and maybe expand the range of different “micro-habitats” that form around it. Sadly a few days ago the neighbors “cleaned up” a property that was adjacent to ours in which there was one of the last remaining shrublands around, only leaving a small triangle in the corner where the tractor could not get to. Im not sure if that will affect the odonates, but it has certainly affected the cavy and likely any other animal that lived there.
I swear the more I think about it the more I want to purchase a large piece of land in the Patagonia and make an ecological reserve there, lol. But that would likely requiere tons of experts’ advice as well, wouldn’t it?

For now tho, this are the only two observation of odonates I have in the area so far. Here’s hoping I get to document some more soon!