Is there a way to get a csv list or spreadsheet of identifications by user?

Is it possible to get a csv list or spreadsheet of identifications by a particular user?

I ask because I’m requiring that my botany students make identifications of other people’s plant observations from 2019 or before. So far, I’m asking them to make a spreadsheet so I can spot-check and see they’re doing OK, but that slows the whole process a lot! The data is kept on iNaturalist. I could look down the identifications list for each person, but I’m requiring a lot of them. Perhaps there is a better way.


Not that I am aware of, or at least not through any means other than the API.

You can go to and add the user_id parameter to at least see a list in 1 place

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The iNaturalist API lets you get observations as a CSV, but I don’t think there’s any way to get a CSV list of identifications by a particular user. Maybe you should suggest it at the Feature Requests board.

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Thank you both. I can see a list, and perhaps I’ll reduce the requirement to make checking that assignment less onerous. Meanwhile, I’ll make a feature request.

This is one of the most-voted-for open feature requests:

(#3 at the moment)


Here’s an example of viewing identifications for one user (in this case, myself):

Yes. Thanks. I can see their identifications, to the extent they have made any. The format doesn’t lend itself to easy checking of large numbers of identifications. I may need to use it, though.

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