Is there any way to search for a term, but to exclude results from a given project?

I want to search for observations where the term “roadkill” occurs but to exclude where the observation is already in a specific project, in order to find new roadkill records that can be added to that project.
Can anyone suggest a way to do this?

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Hi @lca_inc and welcome to the iNat Forum! This is definitely doable, but requires some hands-on manipulation of the URL in your web browser. There is a detailed tutorial here on how this works. The search parameters of particular interest to you can be found in the Other observation properties section of the tutorial.

A relatively simple search that may come close to what you are looking for would look like this (click on it!):

From there, you can get more nuanced about exactly where you search for the term “roadkill”. The above search looks for the term “roadkill” in four different places in an observation: description, tags, names of taxa, and place descriptions. There are additional URL terms that will restrict the search to a single one of those areas. You can also search for user-created fields related to roadkill.

See if this helps, and feel free to post further questions here.


Thanks @jdmore . I imagined that it would look something like that but had not seen any examples of an “is not” condition in an iNat search - not that I’ve looked at a lot. I’ll check out the tutorial and then give it a go once the local roadkill project is set up.

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Plus all traditional projects have buttons on their pages for looking for observations that fit criteria, they already has that “non in x project” part built in url.

If you’re interesting in documenting roadkill, or researching occurrences, Projekt Roadkill is worth a look. It’s a dedicated citizen science project specifically for roadkill. It’s primarily Europe based, but has observations outside Europe too.

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