Italy - iNaturalist World Tour

Today we’re focusing on Italy on the World Tour. What can we do to improve iNaturalist in Italy?

Here’s the Level 1 and Level 2 places we’re using. Do these look correct?

The site looks to be more or less fully translated on both the Web and Mobile

What else could we do to better regionalize iNaturalist for Italy?

What could we do to improve outreach in the country?

Would outreach benefit by having a iNaturalist Network node in the country? If so, what institutions would be good fits to collaborate with?


A small request, when you make these forum post can you link to the blog post on inat? Otherwise it will be a pain to find them later.


Level 1 places are “regions”, level 2 places are “provinces” (counties)

level 1:

  • the right name for “Apulia” is “Puglia”
  • the Italian name for “Sicily” is “Sicilia”

level 2:

  • I’d use the same colors and the same grouping of level 1: I mean, why Lazio is blue in level 1 and rose as Umbria in level 2? The same for Isernia and Campobasso, that belong to Molise: Molise is green in level one, why use the same color of Puglia (blue)? And many others (Lombardia/Veneto, Emilia-Romagna/Toscana and so on)

In my opinion the better way to improve outreach in our country is to create a Network node, based mainly on universities: in ten days there will be a meeting in L’Aquila to create the Italian Lepidoptera Association, of which I will probably be the president, and on that occasion, being present representatives of the universities of Rome, Turin and L’Aquila, I’ll try to find out if anyone might support this idea

It could be useful for Italian users to have the possibility to read the most important iNat factsheets in Italian. Maybe you could try to recruit users and curators who are willing to translate these factsheets.

@ mazzeip could you better explain what you meant for “Network node”? As it is, it sounds interesting.

thanks for the link

Thanks mazzeip for the corrections to the Level 1 data. The colors in those figures are random, they’re not used outside those figures - apologies if they are confusing.

blue_celery great idea about factsheets in Italian. We’ll make English versions and see if anyone is interested in translating them. If we had these factsheets how would you recommend using them to do more iNaturalist outreach in Italy?

Also happy to answer any questions about the network. Here’s an example of the Mexico network node

For factsheets I mean, for example, this:

having this page available in Italian would be helpful for new users as well as for those who are not familiar with English.
I suppose that many new users make mistake in uploading observations also because for them (or for those who have suggested them to sign in) it is difficult to understand what iNat really is and what it is meant for.

mazzeip just a reminder that we’re very eager to hear about your discussions at the Italian Lepidoptera Association re: iNat in Italy. By coincidence I was at the Lepidoptera Society meeting yesterday!

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Valerio can you think of any institutions in Italy that would be particularly well suited to collaborate with on a Italy Network Node? In some countries its one institution (e.g. CONABIO in Mexico or Humboldt Institution in Colombia) but in others its a few organizations (e.g. Canadian Wildlife Federation, Royal Ontario Museum, Parks Canada, & Natureserve Canada in Canada)

Maybe some scientific societies could be interested in a collaboration.

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