LGBTQIA+ and iNaturalist

wondering if we should start a project here to record all queerness in nature. Just few time ago I came across “queer ecology” and I’m sure there are some, if not many, interesting observations in need to be highlighted. Just hit me up if you are into this idea.
Love to everyone!!

Not all of it will be noticeable. If a female bird “abnormally” had male plumage (transvestism), how would you know she was female? If a bilateral gynandromorph butterfly was of a species where the sexes look alike, how would you spot it? Or an intersex fish, without dissecting it to see the gonads?

On the other hand, straightforward same-sex pairs should be fairly simple to document. There is a really thick book, Biological Exuberance by Bruce Bagemihl, which documents homosexuality in 190 mammal and bird species.

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Just noting that a few more folks (including @diegoalmendras) contacted us about the end-of-the-month blog post. Here it is!


I wouldn’t call first case transvestism, but we already have enough cases of intersex ducks


I’m not disagreeing with you, but will offer another explanation. A person named Q gets known in the circles, but if they change their name to R they are often an unknown. It’s one (of many) reasons why women will often keep their unmarried name. Again, not a debate or refutation, but just one other perspective.

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Hello everyone! I brought up creating an LGBTQ+ project on iNat and it got some interest so I created one. Feel free to join :)


Yes I did


I respect all people not judge you by your sexual orientation, caste, creed. In the end, we are all equal. But why this arises in the first place
As a boy educated in our schools I never knew about LGBTQIA+ you may wonder why, it’s simply because nobody told me, there are many things I learned in animated movies like about science, adventure, and much more and all the main characters much likely were of different race colors but none of the movies showed LGBTQIA+ people. So it was fated for me to feel a little bit weird to first encounter transgender people, I was a little afraid as a child, but situation become more worse when I was staring at her/him then him/her tried to grab my collar.
I know what you are thinking, it’s just the circumstances that made this incident happen as in our place these people are totally discriminated and often beaten up by some boys trying feeling superior, but that is all non sense, I oppose that,
My point of saying is that haters were once innocent little kids, it is our system which makes education system and never teached us about LGBTQIA+.
I hope one day this sytem will change their will be romantic movies about gay and lesbian love waiting for animated once to make my little brother watch them and teach him about respecting them all. I believe that we will make this world a better place.
Thank you


Blue’s Clues had an episode where they talked about Pride Month. Blues Clues is an animated show for kids – I used to watch it growing up. Maybe you’ll like this video:

I also grew up with no education on LGBT+ matters, having grown up Orthodox/religious. But the more I learned, the more I appreciated the humanity and dignity of all people… eventually including myself. I was in denial for a while.


I agree. It was very similar for me too. As I am from India and LGBTQIA+ is mostly considered immoral and they are discriminated. But luckily a lot have changed for good at least in my state through movies and other awareness measures. There is a lot to change and hopefully does. I became aware of these issues recently only and I’m learning a lot and my views changed a lot from what I knew earlier. Even this thread here helped me become aware too.


today I presented presentation in school which support LGBTQIA people and it gone well.


I’m proud of you ;)

It takes a lot of bravery to do something like that. We support you. How did it go? Did anyone respond?


Yeah, it was a topic about women empowerment and my presentation was on what will happen if women empowerment take place I said that not all gender issues will be solve we should also support LGBTQIA people. It gone well, mam said “well done” and that’s all. Main thing is that this topic come in focus