List all image URLs in exported CSV file

In CSV file which I get after observation export I have URL only of the one image for observation. Is it possible to get images of all observations in the table?

this request was sort of covered in a previous discussion:

currently, it is possible to get all image files for a set of observations (including multi-photo observations), but you have to do it via one of the get observations endpoints in the iNaturalist API (see

just curious – what is your use case for getting all photo URLs into a list? (if i understand what you’re trying to do, i might be able to provide more info on how to achieve what you’re trying to do.)


If you’re working with research-grade data, you can do this from GBIF with a darwin core export. There will be a file in the export called ‘multimedia’ which will have each image with a link to it


I need to export my data from iNaturalist to another database which is used by local community. It needs a CSV file with list of photo URLs in one column.

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Which types of observations are you exporting? All, only verifiable, or only research-grade?

i modified something that i previously made (see so that it can display photo URLs associated with each observation. here’s an example of how you might use it to view your observations:

i didn’t add functionality to easily export results into CSV, but you can look at the thing mentioned here ( to see how it accomplishes its export, if you wanted to do some coding on your own.

also see:

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just a quick note about a change to the thing i referenced above. instead of displaying photo URLs by default, the page will only display photo URLs if you add &options=photourl to the parameter list. for example: