Making it easier for users to know (how) to fix incorrect IDs

You don’t have to. Re-guessing automatically withdraws your old ID.


You withdraw if you are not going to post another id. You can’t withdraw your posting and withdrawing id doesn’t affect anything else but deactivates it, even your comment in the id window stays visible.


Well, you can delete it, but that’s a separate option, and not related to this issue.

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It would also be great, and might encourage people, if id’ers included comments about why they say that the proper id is . . . . What identifying features indicate that this really a blah_blah instead of a blah? That would help the original poster learn something, and would help everyone else as well. It would sure help me.


Feel free to ask ider how they did that, some people do add descriptions, others don’t, but most of them are happy to answer all your questions!


That’s also my experience - on both sides of it.


Agree - and especially on the phone app. I don’t think withdraw is even available on the app (I can’t find it on my iPhone), people have to go to the website, but a lot of new users don’t even realise there is a website.


See iNat staff @alex comments on iOS button here as well as the broader recent discussion which connects to your topic.

I like the idea of a review ID prompt and would vote for it. Though I could also imagine text to be a potential source of confusion (like the disagreement prompt atm). I agree graphical solution could be better. This was one visual solution from same thread thinking along similar lines…

There is also an older related feature request and discussion about making withdraw button more visible on browsers here.

Thank you for bringing up this issue. I learned a lot reading all your comments. I’m an iPhone user… I’ll shared with friends this topic, many of us are iNat self-taught users and your comments are very useful to us.