Motivations -- we don't know them

Agreed! Well said.


‘Posting the same thing over and over’ seems to be a gripe. I’d like to know people mean by that. I often post the same species over and over, sometimes knowingly and sometimes in complete ignorance. I’m into ephemeral fungi that last only a few hours. I often post a particular species as it presents on different days, from different or the same locations. The iNat site even encourages that. And, if you ask me, it’s good to know where xyz species occur in the world. Are they site specific to that one place? Or like the Schizophyllum commune, do they occur in six continents?

The Psathyrella family has recently suffered a total upheaval where many genera have been renamed and or re-assigned. Posting again and again…or say rather sharing again and again…allows interested people to start a conversation. It’s a way of learning the new names, and making unknown species public.


I think what you are doing is admirable! I don’t think that is the kind of activity that seems problematic for some.


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I have lots of posts of Black capped Chickadees, White Breasted Nuthatches, and Hairy/Downy Woodpeckers. 2 reasons - in our winters that’s basically all that’s around. And I want to document them through time.


Forgive me if I´m wrong @sedgequeen,
…but as I read it @rita-de-heer , this part of the original post is paraphrasing parts of a parallel thread. …and if it is… I think it’s misconstruing the forum posters in dialogue there as having this gripe… even though myself (and @bazwal) are both quite explicit in saying we pass no negative judgement on this action (we are just discussing it in the context of leaderboards as a way one might attain higher numbers of obs per day ).

Indeed it’s something I myself do fairly regularly too. So… I wouldn’t worry much about the specifics of what is being mentioned here. I’m not sure repeat posting of species is something I’ve ever seen other people discuss as an issue anywhere on the forum. To me, this appears to be just some crossed wires.


I think maybe you have misinterpreted what sedgequeen has said? The way I read her post, she is saying the same thing you are.

She has summed up what she regularly sees other users gripe about, and has refuted by saying; its non of our business what their motivation is, and that ultimately they are still contributing data.

Her problem is that other people are griping about it.
Her last sentence isn’t contradicting that, it summarizing her point


I post lots of observations of the same species. In my mind it helps to record their distribution and alludes to their population density, or prevalence at certain times of year.

I’d argue only posting one of a species is more akin to leaderboarding as many different species as possible, without actually giving in depth information for any of them other than a single species in a single location in a single point in time


Keep it up. sedgequeen was explaining that the various motivations are good. I agree with her. It is amazing to have this amount of participation on such an open system with few rules, and as a bonus we end up with information and data that was never before available to anyone.


To be fair, the person you are directing this to has already said he misinterpreted the original comment.


It might be a reference to a recently-closed thread, where some of us felt it was rude to monopolize many pages with the same broad taxon (e.g. mushrooms), without room for anyone else on those pages. And yes, it was a gripe, in that it makes things much more difficult for IDers who do not know that taxon well.

Well, the thread I referenced was closed for a reason. As I see it, the reason behind the gripes, and behind the behaviors people gripe about, is the same as what you see in a grocery store every day: someone blocking the aisle you want to get past, not because they are intentionally being rude, but because they are so focused on the item they are contemplating that they don’t actually notice other people. We all tend to live in our own worlds, largely unaware of the ways in which we inconvenience others.

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That’s interesting, I hadn’t seen that thread/comment. As an observer I have been DM’d by an identifier and asked politely to refrain from observing large numbers of X at once for similar reasons.

I think, as with other things mentioned by the OP, these are design considerations in reality. I don’t see a user observing en masse as equivalent to someone unintentionally blocking a grocery isle. A user observing en masse is actively encouraged by the existing design of the platform.

It would be good if the design of the identification portal supported you in having more control over the taxa/geography you were looking to help with though. If you like to identify taxa X but not taxa Y can you not just use one of the URL hacks to filter the observations?


What a weird encounter! Some iders find problems in nothing, discouraging good posting is the last thing to do on iNat. I know people who refuse to participate in bioblitzes because “childern” post “too much” and always end up first, like if that was a bad thing.


Actually, without going into details, I think it was well-meaning and good advice from this identifier in this instance. They were very respectful. Also, this is an identifier I would be lost without, so would rather they tell me if I am doing something which makes their life difficult tbh.

But yes, in another context, I can imagine this being pretty inappropriate and annoying.


It’s nice you didn’t feel that way, made it easier, but I’m always sorry for potential “lost”/undone observations because of how ider feels about them. But yeah, with so few iders and especially major ones, we have to stick to them anyway, no matter what they say.


I’d like to apologize for the last couple sentences in my post, obviously not clear. Other commenters took care of that, though, with explanations. I truly am saying, people do different things with different motivations we don’t know anyway, so don’t fuss.

As someone who sometimes posts large numbers of observations with large numbers of photos each, I’d be a hypocrite if I objected to lots of similar observations. (Mostly I do that with species I’m interested in but don’t know enough about to know if I included the right information. Sometimes just because I really like the organism. So now you have motivations to ponder!)


Pardon me, but DM’d mean dismissed? I don’t understand the reference. And that is all I want to know!!

DM = direct message

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Ahh, I understand now. Thanks.

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Yes, I already wrote further up that I misunderstood it.