My Bird Feeders Keeping Breaking: Who's the Culprit?

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Raccoons! The cute little masked devils. There is no such thing as a raccoon proof feeder, but Brome makes feeders that give you a chance with most raccoons. The coons in my area don’t bother with my feeders now - which I verified with a trail camera - because they can’t access them. All of them are Brome, especially the Brome Squirrel Buster. How you set them up makes a big difference to keeping raccoons and squirrels out. Send me a message if you want the details, or reply here before it closes.

I lost 3 feeders to a black bear that ate sunflower seeds and suet like candy. Oh, and it dragged a 40lb bag of sunflower seeds off the patio and way up back in the garden where it ate a huge amount in front of me. Who was I to argue?


Love the video! His problem was the cost and construction of the feeders. To get real squirrel proof feeders (which every company claims regardless of reality) you need to spend a lot of money. Each of my Brome feeders cost $120 to $140 but I have been using the same ones for 14 years and not one squirrel has gotten in them. They don’t even try anymore except for in the fall when the ones born that spring become adults. They don’t succeed either, but it is fun to watch them try.

Just a note given my enthusiasm for one company products - I don’t work for Brome. Although, maybe I should.

This depends on which type of place you are living in,but mostly Squirrels are the culprits. As I have heard Squirrels can adapt anywhere in the world other than the extremes. Squirrels have sharp teeth that help them to cut through tough things like Nylon threads,also Squirrels use many tricks to get food from the bird feeder (like breaking the bird feeder by putting it down,or even finding ways to open it).
Hence I feel Squirrels are the culprits

The bird feeder in my garden keeps breaking. I think some animals eat the bird seed at night. It could be rodents like mice or rats, because they usually eat seeds and grains. In addition, squirrels or chipmunks are also on the rodent list, which love to eat bird seeds such as corn and black oil sunflower seeds.My Bird Feeders Keeping Breaking: Who’s the Culprit?


Who’s the culprit? It all depends on where you are – what country; rural, suburban, or urban setting; in the mountains or out on the plains, etc. Raccoons are a good bet for much of North America. Black bears also if you live in an area they frequent. In many parts of western North America it’s recommended you don’t put out feeders if bears are present and active in your neighborhood since it can result in human-bear conflicts, possible endangerment of people, and possible removal of the bear.

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For that price I’ll just use some squirrel resistant (but not proof) ones that run about 20 bucks and (so far) have lasted several years.

Your choice of course. But every Brome feeder has a life time warranty and can be fixed or replaced for free where you bought it. I have had several fixed at no cost.

If you are worried about squirrels being attracted to the bird feeder, I will share the most effective yet natural way to Stop Squirrels from Eating Bird Seed. The first thing you have to do is hang the bird feeder away from the trees. So place your bird feeder in the middle of the yard where there is no cover. Hanging the feeder on a fishing line doesn’t always work. You can use dividers instead. This is an effective method to keep squirrels away from bird seeds if the squirrel dares to climb into the bird’s feeder. Squirrels hate the smell of cayenne pepper, white pepper, black pepper, or garlic. Sprinkle pepper on the yard or the area around the birds, sure to keep the annoying squirrels away for a while.