Mycelial networks and the "mushroom ball" carbon sink . Plausible?

I’ve emailed VERRA to see if they’ll make a media statement regarding NetZero before the close of the Kickstarter. We’ll see what happens.


Thank you. I will be very interested to see what they respond.

Here is what I received from Anne Thiel with Verra:

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your email.

Verra has a methodology approval process that offers project developers a pathway for building new methodologies when no existing methodology addresses their needs. In 2019, Verra engaged with the developers of the NetZero Mycelium Balls when they submitted a concept note to develop a methodology that quantifies soil carbon sequestration resulting from mycelium inoculation.

While Verra has reviewed the concept note, we did not vet this specific product (emphasis mine). Our review concluded that the scope of Verra’s existing methodologies would allow for mycelium inoculation activities, as long as the users can demonstrate that mycelium inoculation would not have any negative impacts. Please note that Verra’s methodologies have rigorous requirements and guidance on the quantification of soil organic carbon sequestration.


PLEASE report the kickstarter with this information, they keep claiming they were vetted so they straight up LIED

24 hours to go before its over and they have amped up the advertisements dramatically


I not only reported the Kickstarter, but I reached out to Dr. Stephany Mason, who’s mentioned repeatedly on the NetZero Kickstarter and asked her to clarify what was meant by “verified.” She replied as follows:

“That is correct. The concept was verified, not the NetZero product itself. I am no longer involved with this project and recommend reaching out to Joseph Kelly if you have additional questions.”

I also passed on that information to Kickstarter as well.


@leptonia i saw your comments on the kickstarter… what did they say that got removed for violating guidelines? :o


So incredibly tired of these guys’ mycologically illiterate rhetoric.
“And by “mycologist” you mean people who study above ground mushrooms which are decomposers and not ectomyrhizhal species which are under the ground and have a long history of research documenting their carbon capturing networks?”
Apparently people who study saprotrophs don’t know anything about carbon storage nor what ectomycorrhizal fungi are.