Neurodiversity and iNaturalist!

This new book by a young author about nature study and autism might be of interest to some:

If the link doesn’t work, google Dara McAnulty and “Diary of a Young Naturalist.”

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Wonderful book! He expresses the joy we find in the natural world in a way that really reflects my experience. Highly recommend.

yes great recommendation, i read this right when it came out and loved it

I read that article in the paper and immediately thought of this thread. :)

i wonder if Dara is on iNat :)

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Hi Ben, I’m not a Twitter person but Mary Kennedy mentioned that you’d commented about Aphantasia here.

I have zero images in my head and I also have SDAM (Severely diminished Autobiographical Memory). I’m 71 now and only just realized in my mid-60s that others could see things in their heads. I thought counting sheep for example was metaphor.

I take photos obsessively. I find it hard to make ID’s as I cannot visualize things I have seen in books or on-line. If I’ve seen a bird and look away from it to a book, that bird doesn’t exist in my head so unless I can see the book and the actual bird. It makes learning about what I’ve observed very hard.

I think I have an extreme version of Aphantasia.

BTW my adult daughter has recently been diagnozed with Autism.

However I tend to be VERY social and chatty.

Should you wish to chat further Ben your best bet would be to “friend” me on FB.

Sybil Nunn


Autistic extroverts exist! I am one of them!

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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