Observations "hiding" in other observations; Share your examples!

Is it some sort of hairstreak?

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Yes, a Juniper hairstreak (Callophrys gryneus)! Shortly after, I found two Henry’s Elfins (Callophrys henrici) on the same plant as well


This happens to me all the time.
Latest occurrence a couple of days ago, when I took a picture of two Bombylius individuals sitting on the ground. Turned out they belonged to different species.
Then I saw a large bumblebee queen that looked different from the ones I normally see around here. Tried to get a picture, but she was not cooperative.
Only later at home did I discover she was in the Bombylius picture:
A first for me, BTW.

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This thrip in a flower picture https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/152323028

Only noticed the fox long after the pheasant walked past.


I have to say, it gives a slightly more sinister feel to the photo!

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Great pic

Whoa! A fox! I gotta love that‼️