Observations "hiding" in other observations; Share your examples!

And a goldeneye

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I think Waldo is in there too!


Really? Where?

Oh, now I see them. I totally missed them! :smiling_face:

Female bufflehead below it :wink:

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I was driving along slowly on a gravel/dirt road in Kruger National Park and stopped to take an observation photo of these guineafowl. I didn’t even see the other critter until I got back home and went through the photos! :joy:



Noticed this tiny little braconid wasp on this butter waxcap which I photographed.


I can’t find the Goldeneye nor the Bufflehead. Are they really in there?
But I think there are in fact three pintails (two males and one female), not two.

Here’s the answer key for all the non mallards, if anyone wants to take a look.



I will keep trying.

At the top left there is a ‘‘female Mallard’’ (above two males) that looks more like a female Pintail to me. Take a look.

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I think it was a female wood duck, oh wait, I think I am talking about something else. It’s hard to tell because of the bad quality, but maybe. It does look a bit different than a mallard.

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I did a bit of research and it looks like you’re right. Good find!

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So 3 or 4 wood ducks, 3 pintails, a Goldeneye and a Bufflehead. And the mallards, of course.

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Yep pretty much

I just “found” a tiny spider hiding out in one of my pictures. The object of the observation was the fungus that causes the leaf spots, I honestly had no idea the spider was there until I processed the images on the computer. Even more amazingly, apparently it’s decent enough to already have made it to a genus ID.


New species of damselfly for me, Rambur’s Forktail, showed up on the bottom edge of a couple of my photos of muskmelon.


There is somebody on the right edge of the lower leaf, too :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t think anyone can ID that midge from these photos though

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When editing photos of Laxmann’s Milkvetch from earlier in the year, I noticed this little red mite on one of the blossoms.

So, it got its own observation. I don’t expect it to get a finer ID, but it’s something else to keep an eye out for when on Mount Goliath.