Photo links changed?

summary: all photo links I used in my “journal” have changed, apparently. The photos are no longer visible. The links used to be
but now they look more like

Why??? I probably need to delete all my current journal contributions? Without photos they don’t make sense at all! Look here A shame…

Is this just temporary?

Any hints would help. Thank you,


Platform (Android, iOS, Website): website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : firefox, chrome

interestingly enough, the photo links used in my projects are still there

I don’t understand. They are all stored in the same location here

I can’t find it now, but I remember reading here about change of image hosting server or something. I think your problem might be related to that.

This isn’t related to the recent software upgrade (to Rails 5), it’s related to the move to Amazon Open Data. The old photo URLs stopped working when iNat got rid of the duplicates, see here for a bit more info from staff.

There is an open request to fix journal URLs, but there isn’t much that staff can do at this point, see the response here.


It’s definitely a hassle, but I think it’s probably worth manually changing the URLs – just find and replace with


thank you for all the answers! Will make the change manually then and hope links will be stable in the future.


It seems like a MUCH better option would be for some programmer to write a module to replace all URLs with the appropriate new URL rather than expecting all journal authors, some of which are no longer active, to manually edit things. As is, lots of journal posts are going to be forever broken. The module would simply loop through all journal posts (or other things) and check if each photo reference is valid. If not, it checks if the new version is valid. If the switch is seen as appropriate, the URL is replaced.

Checking older journal posts, and updating them, is part of the author’s responsibility.
The internet is plagued by dead / broken links.