Possible recently extinct species on inat

Alagoas Foliage-gleaner (Philydor novaesi) is one. I saw it in 2008, declared extinct in 2019, 40 years after its discovery. I’ll post a photo on it soon, since there seem to be none on iNat.


I flagged it, the image has now been removed.

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There are three observations of the Golden Toad, which was last seen in 1989 and was declared extinct in 2004. The reason for the short time lag is because this was very well-documented species while it lived.


Bahama Nuthatch has probably been wiped out, and there are a couple good Inat records.

I made a project to collect observations like this, since I find it really interesting. Feel free to add any you know of



Great project idea.

A thought occurred to me, is there a way to use iNat’s API to search for species marked extinct or critically endangered? I know threatened is an option in the normal filters, but that doesn’t narrow it down nearly enough (threatened returns 41k species)

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I’m glad my thread inspired you to make this project. Joined it and added a couple of other observations from this thread.


There are some, like Incilius periglenes, where the photo was taken prior to them going extinct, but not uploaded until AFTER it was declared extinct.


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